Medical Iridology:
Modern Theory

Art and Science

Dr. James Carter, who helped develop the "contour" soft contact lenses, has been using Iridology in his optometry practice for many years. He states:

Iridology is the art and science practiced through the observation of the texture, pigmentation,and density of the iris (the colored part of the eye) whereby the physical condition and activity of all organs and/or systems of the body are directly and most profoundly observed.

Structural defects, chemical imbalances, toxemias, inherited weaknesses and predispositions, tensions, endocrine disorders, et al., are observed through direct iris examination. Reflex responses to diseases in other areas are most readily detected.

The basic premise from which this definition is derived is that each organ or tissue area of the body has a corresponding locus within the iris, which undergoes "micro-inflammatory" change simultaneous with the change at the organ level during its imbalance or disease states.