Medical Iridology:
Prevention as the
Best Medicine

Your body belongs to you and nobody else. Your body has the ability to heal itself.
Iris Analysis can provide the road map to effectively protecting your health.

— Krassimir Vajarov —

Preventative Screening: Detecting
Energy Blockages in the Body

As a ophthalmologist ("eye doctor") and medical researcher working in the Kyustendil General Hospital, Dr. Vajarov, MD (Bulgaria) completed over 160,000 Iris Analysis sessions and follow ups. He is confident in his ability to determine where the energy blockages exist in the physical body, and he believes that one day medical iridology will be used for medical screening in North American hospitals in much the same way as colonoscopy, mammography, and the like are currently used.

Finding Constitutional Weaknesses

Unlike traditional western diagnosis, medical iridology is used as a system of screening and preventative medicine before the full blown presence of a medical condition such as cancer appears ("early disease detection").

Once constitutional weaknesses are determined, preventative measures such as life style changes, energy therapies (including acupuncture), and herbal medicine can be used to improve the flow of energy in the body to prevent any diseases from taking hold.

Avoiding Epidemics

With the cancer epidemic at hand, and so many people suffering from chronic and degenerative health problems, medical iridology has a lot to offer in terms of disease prevention.