Medical Iridology:
Advanced Holistic

Early Detection of Disease
and Illness Prevention

For people who are interested in an advanced holistic consultation geared towards the early detection of disease and illness prevention, we offer Medical Iridology.

Medical Iridology can be used to identify constitutional weaknesses. We use this knowledge to suggest preventative health care strategies.

What to Expect

We will take a few pictures of each of your eyes with a specially designed camera and use these photos to make an estimation of your health from an iridology point of view.

We will never ask you questions about your health condition before your iridology reading. After you receive your iridology reading, you will have the opportunity to relate your health history, and possibly your family's health history. This can be very helpful, especially if it corresponds with the iridology findings.

Based on the findings, we will offer therapeutic suggestions for improving your health or preventing illness. We may also refer you to your family physician for further medical evaluation as appropriate.