Krassimir Vajarov:
Medical Iridology
Medical Researcher

A Medical Iridology System
for Early Disease Detection
and Preventative Medicine

Photo: Vajarov

Krassimir Vajarov, MD (Bulgaria), is an internationally known and respected medical researcher in the field of medical iridology. While working at the Kyustendil General Hospital he was responsible for conducting medical research to test the validity of medical iridology as a method of screening for various medical conditions. Under the sponsorship of KZK, he developed a new medical iridology system for early disease detection and preventative medicine. His work has been adopted by many large European companies as a method of preventative care for their employees.

160,000 Iris Analyses

Krassimir Vajarov is one of five doctors in the world who has had the opportunity to compare patient iris analyses with patient hospital records and medical laboratory tests for authenticity testing. He has personally analyzed more than 160,000 irises. His medical research is respected all across Europe.

The 1980 International Conference on Iridology Research (Czechoslovakia) awarded Dr. Vajarov with an honorary diploma (Opthalmosomatic Analyst - "Medical Iridologist") for his extensive medical research contributions to the field of medical iridology.