Medical Conditions
We Can Treat

Accidents and Sports Injuries
Traumatic Injuries Strained Muscles
Accident Rehabilitation Muscle Sprains
Allergies, Intolerances,
and Sensitivities
Classical Allergies Environmental Illness
Food Intolerances Chronic Fatigue
Gluten Intolerance Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)
Chemical Sensitivities
Back and Joint Pain
Chronic Back Pain Arthritis
Tramautic Injury Temporomandibular
Joint Disorder (TMJ)
Disc Problems
Sciatica Neck, Shoulders, Arms,
Hands, Fingers,
Legs, Knees, Feet
Pinched Nerves
Behavior Modification
Smoking Addiction Anorexia nervosa
Weight Control Bulimia
Breathing Difficulties
Asthma Common Cold
Allergies Bronchitis
Dental Pain
Toothache Gum Problems
Post Extraction Pain Temporomandibular
Joint Disorder (TMJ)
Digestive Disorders
Irritable Bowel
Syndrome (IBS)
Chronic Diarrhea
Leaky Gut Syndrome Indigestion
Chron's Disease Heart Burn
Celiac Disease Hyperacidity
Colitis Candida
Nervous Stomach Flatulence
Ear, Nose, and Throat Issues
Tinnitus Nervous deafness
Ear Infections Tonsillitis
Eye Conditions
Chronic Inflammation Mascular Degeneration
Eye Pain Open-Angle Glaucoma
Sinusitis Iridocyclitis
Tired Eyes Incipient Cataract
/Delay Progression
Poor Vision
Immune System
Low Immunity Frequent Infections
Heart and Stroke
High Blood Pressure Stoke Rehabilitation
Low Blood Pressure Post-Operative Pain
Nutritional Deficiency Iron Deficiency
Neurological Conditions
Headaches Parkinson's Disease
Migraines Vertigo
Pain Conditions
Post-Operative Pain Muscle Pain
Back Pain Muscle Cramping
Joint Pain Fibromyalgia
Facial Pain Neuralgia
Jaw Pain Temporomandibular
Joint Disorder (TMJ)
Eye Pain
Ear Pain Hemroids (Hemorrhoids)
Stress and Exhaustion
Anxiety Chronic Fatigue
Nervousness Burn Out
Neurosis Low Energy
Insomnia Mild Depression
Reproductive Issues
Obstetrics Premenstrual Syndrome
Impotence Menstral Cramps
Prostatitis Menopausal Symptoms